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The Power Of Crystals

The power of crystals can be very healing, each gem has its signature healing properties.  Using the power of these stones can help quiet your mind, help with attracting wealth, cure anxiety, clean your blood, help with concentration and even help to enhance your physic abilities.  Cleopatra used to wear lapis lazuli to help her enhance her physic power, often the soliders would have many different stones in their shelds to help with protection and awareness to where their enemies where hiding.  The healing properties of stones were discovered way back in the stone age, the power of crystals can help catapult you into the direction you want to go.  


Over time of wearing many different crystals and Indah Lux pieces I have learned you must treat the crystals with love and positive energy, do not abuse your crystals without recharging,  when you feel the vibrations or the energy is low in your stones I recommend smudging them or charge them during Purnama, the full moon light. 

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