Welcome to the World Of INDAH, born on the magical island of Bali, created to empower humans globally through sustainable design.  We cherish sacred human connections and we love to give back to the world in as many ways as we possibly can.  


All of The World Of INDAH's pieces are created by Coco Effendi with the intention to empower.   She works closely with our talented team of INDAH artisans to bring her powerful designs to life using traditional Indonesian techniques and tools.  Our designs are handcrafted using precious crystals and recycled metals then dipped in 24k gold.  


Coco believes crystals are "Art Of The Earth', she infuses love and positive energy into each design so all who wear INDAH feel a strong sense of empowerment and complete harmony with their chakras.  INDAH is inspired by Coco's deep spiritual connection to Mother Earth, her passion for sustainable design and the talented artisanship in Indonesia. All of INDAH'S designs are an expression of Coco's soul, her love for fashion, organic beauty and fascination with crystals. 


INDAH’s factory is located in a quaint villages in Java, we are honoured to be able to provide INDAH's artisans with a safe form of income without having to commute long distances from their village. We offer the same opportunity to the younger generation by providing free training to those who have recently finished their schooling so they can remain in their village close to their family and friends all while doing what they love, creating art. 


Coco launched INDAH's Hair Couture Line at the a live art show during Art Basel in the courtyard of the Versace Mansion.  These pieces she passionately designed for brides who want to add more glamour on their wedding day or those attending special events and red carpet events. 


In addition to our collections INDAH showcases our one of a kind wearable art gems to our exclusive members at our trunk shows and private online shopping events.


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