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For further assistance or any questions not listed please contact us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


For expeditious order processing, cancellations may be challenging once your package has been shipped. If your order remains pending shipment, you can initiate a cancellation within 24 hours of placement. Kindly promptly contact us at with your order number and the reason for cancellation.


We accept American Express, Diners Club, Mastercard and Visa. We also accept PayPal, Shop Pay, Apple Pay, Meta Pay, Google Pay, and Sezzle which allows you to break up your order into four separate payments with no extra fees.  Please note we do not accept checks, money orders, cash payments or travelers checks. 

Store Credit and Gift Cards - you can also use a store credit and/or a gift card towards your purchase. Each gift card has a code you can easily enter when completing checkout. Contact us to purchase your Gift Card, once payment is received it will be instantly delivered to the e-mail you provide redeemable on our website, and they do not expire.


Orders undergo payment verification as part of our standard procedures. In our commitment to safeguarding our clients, we seek to confirm the authorization of the cardholder for each shipment. Should your order be placed on hold, our team will promptly contact you to address the situation and minimize any potential delays.


Should you desire to enhance your shipping method to a faster option not displayed during checkout, please reach out to our customer service team. We will make every effort to accommodate your request, and additional charges may be incurred. Your satisfaction is our priority.


Kindly allow up to 72 hours for the processing of your order. In certain instances, orders are processed immediately based on the time and day they were placed. Rest assured, we will promptly contact you should any issues arise during the processing of your order. Thank you for your understanding.


The World Of INDAH typically refrains from shipping on Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays. Ordinarily, orders are dispatched within 72 hours of placement, and any potential delays will be promptly communicated to you. While we offer global shipping, certain limitations apply to specific countries, such as Maroc (Morocco), where shipments must be under $500 USD. Notably, Italy's stringent customs clearance process may extend delivery times. Prior to placing an order, we recommend checking with your local customs office regarding jewelry shipping regulations. Please note that The World Of INDAH is not liable to refund shipping fees for packages rejected in customs. Your understanding is appreciated.


All shipping rates are calculated through UPS / FEDEX / USPS / DHL. 

The World Of INDAH is not responsible for international taxes and duties, that is the sole responsibility of the customer. In the event of a return or exchange the taxes, duties and shipping fees will not be refunded. 

Unfortunately, we have no control over these charges, and cannot tell you what the cost would be, customs charges and import duties are different from country to country. 

For more information on taxes, duties and customs regulations please contact your local customs office directly.

All shipments are insured at their full value to protect your merchandise. 


All orders will receive a tracking number shortly after completing your check out.  Please contact us if you have any issues finding your tracking number. 

If your order is lost or has not arrived by the estimated delivery date please, try the following steps before reaching out to us for assistance.

  • Check your tracking number with the shipping courier in your confirmation email you received upon purchasing your order.  This is available for all carriers and some International carriers.
  • Check your address and information on the order you provided us with to make sure we have the correct information.
  • Check for any notification via text message, email or attempted delivery cards from one of our carriers. Your parcel may be awaiting collection at a local Post Office or delivery depot, or you may need to arrange redelivery.
  • Check with any authorized person if they have received the parcel on your behalf.
  • Check on any safe areas. Couriers may have left your parcel on such areas like behind bins or in a shed, garage or porch.
  • If you have not done any of these please do so now. If you’re still having difficulties finding your parcel, please contact our sales team with your order number at

Please expect a reply within 24 hours and we will do our absolute best to help track down your package.  If your order cannot be found, you will need to make a claim with your carrier with proof of purchase. We are not responsible for lost packages with signature of delivery, which means we cannot replace or refund your order. This is a very rare occurrence and we will do everything in our power to assist you. 


Please allow up to 1-3 weeks for your shipment to arrive internationally, depending on the shipping method you choose when you place your order. We promise you that do our best to get our packages out as fast as we can. However, after your package leaves the The World Of INDAH headquarters, we have no control over the speed to which it arrives at your doorstep due to customs.  Sometime orders can arrive in less then a week but we would always rather under promise and over deliver!


We want you to be 100% satisfied with your precious INDAH gems, please contact us immediately with any issues you have with your purchase. We do not issue refunds, once we review your case we can discuss options to make sure you are completely satisfied. For all other cases we are more then happy to exchange your pieces within 10 days of receiving your order as long as the items haven't been worn.

Once we receive your return back and it has been processed at our headquarters, we will issue you a store credit you can use towards your next purchase. Please note, returns generally take 3-10 business days to process upon reaching our facility. Refunds can take several business days to reflect on your credit card account, this can vary depending on your financial institution.


To request an exchange, please contact us by email us at and provide us with your order number, which item you wish to return and the reason for your exchange. We will provide you with the return shipping address by email. The merchandise needs to be received back at The World Of INDAH headquarters within 21 days of submitting the return claim and the shipping is the responsibility of the sender.  Please send your merchandise back in the gold velvet pouch it was received in and make sure you add the full insurance coverage. Package your item(s) in a padded envelope or small box in which it was shipped in. If the merchandise is lost or stolen in the mail, it is not the responsibility of The World Of INDAH to replace it.


Shipping charges on all orders are non refundable.

The World Of INDAH offers a jewelry warranty of 21 days. If your jewelry breaks within 21 days of your purchase, INDAH will honour a one-time replacement of that piece (or one of equivalent value if the item is out of stock) due to a production defect. If the customer does not follow the care guide and the piece is ruined by improper care, replacements will not be issued.

Please email a photo of your piece to within that given time period and make the arrangements to return the item. We will send you a shipping label to return the item and we will send you a new piece if it is available in stock.  In the rare case your replacement is out of stock, we will provide you with a credit towards another piece or offer you a full refund. Please note that it can take up to 10 business days for your replacement piece to ship out.  


If you receive an item that is damaged please contact our customer service department immediately at  Damaged orders must be reported within 72 hours of receiving the package.


For all press enquires please contact


What Wrist Should I Wear My Bracelet Or Rings On?

We recommend wearing our bangles on both wrists to balance the energy fields and amply our power of manifestation allowing our voices, our deepest intentions to be heard loud and clear.  Coco designed the bangles to be worn in pairs, wearing cuffs allows us to feel safe and allows us to unlock our full super powers.

There are three main energy channels in our bodies, the term in traditional Indian medicine and spiritual knowledge is called nadis. Nadi is the energy channels for prana to flow. It translates to tube, channel or flow in Sanskrit, both nadis & chakras are apart of the same energy system; nadir are the infinite energy system and chakras are the origins of where the energy flows.

Ida Nadi is the feminine channel connected to the left side of your body; wearing your ring or bangle the left will allow you to feel an internal self, and connects you deeper to your emotions and your memories.

Pingala Nadi is the masculine channel which corresponds with the right side of your body; this is our giving side.  Wearing crystals on this side of your body helps with action, productivity and allows us to control the energy we release into the world.

Go deep within your self to find your own blockages and trust your intuition always.

Does Coco Effendi Create Custom INDAH Jewelry Designs?

Yes we do custom work, book a 30 minute private consultation with Coco.  A private consultation fee is $300 which will be applied to your order, must be pre paid prior to the Skype video call.  After a detailed consultation Coco will send you back a quote for the piece you would like have custom made.  Since each design is custom and made just for you please allow 6-10 weeks for your gems to arrive in your hands.  We do have the option to create our available designs in pure gold, white gold and silver. We also do diamond work as well, our design options are LIMITLESS.

What size are your rings and will they discolour my fingers?

All INDAH rings have our signature technique, all bands are sizeable unless otherwise specified.  Midi rings are generally size 4 non adjustable.  Each ring base has a titanium lining inside so your fingers will never turn green!  We believe adjustable size is the best size, this way you can wear as a midi ring or move to different fingers!  Our rings have a base size of 7 unless otherwise stated in the description.

What makes INDAH sustainable?

We believe being sustainable is the only way to be. Our materials all come from recycled metals; our brass, copper and stainless steel are harvested from old ship and machine parts.  It is melted down in our factory and constructed into magical treasures for you to wear.  Our artisans even hand make all of our own chains, they link together one loop at a time.  Slow fashion is a process and takes time to create each masterpiece.  All of our designs are carefully dip all items with 24k gold or silver. All gems arrive to you inside a beautiful golden velvet pouch with foam inside to protect your gems, this will keep your pieces safe while your not wearing them and while your travel around the world!  We strive to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum and work only with suppliers who align with our fair trade principals.

How do I take care of my jewelry?

Store in your precious pouch your jewelry arrived in, do not get in contact with oils, lotions, sand. Do not wear your gem into the ocean or in the pool to keep your gem in the best condition.

Please visit our jewelry care section on our site for more care instructions.

How often should I cleanse my gems?

We recommend cleansing and recharging your crystals every full moon.


 How Do I Choose Which Crystal Is Best For Me?

View our Crystal Healing Powers section on our website to learn more about which crystal aligns with you.  Healing with crystals is a very personalized experience, seome may really connect with a particular crystal, while someone else may gravitate towards a different crystal—even if you’re using the crystal for the same intention, let your intuition guide you. 

What Should I Do When I First When I Receive My Piece? How Do I Cleanse My INDAH Gem?

Upon receiving your new INDAH gems we recommend to complete the following steps:

  • Place your jewelry outside or on a window ledge under the sun or full moon for 4 hours. Even better to leave your gems charging in the full moon light.
  • Allow the smoke of a burning Sage stick or Palo Santo stick to flow around your gem until your piece asking to release any energy not serving you and to cleanse your crystals.
  • Lay your jewelry on a piece of Quartz Crystal for at least 6 hours, quartz amplifies your intention and vibrates. positive energy into your gems.

 After the cleaning process it is a good time to set your intentions and manifestations into your piece.

 See our cleansing section on our website to learn more about the process.

We recommend smudging your new piece with sage or palo Santo to cleanse the energy & crystal.  When the moon is full allow your gem to charge in the moon light to work at it's optimal capacity. Next step is to do our ritual, hold your gems in your hands.  Breathe deeply and get clear on your intentions.  Say them 3x out loud. Take a deep breathe holding it at the top at the count of three, as you exhale out of your mouth onto your INDAH Gem, visualize your intentions being instilled into the crystal and metals.  Every time you wear it you will feel the power in your gem.  When you want to change your intentions or it feels like the energy is wearing off all you have to do is repeat this ritual.  

My Crystals Are Not Working For Me.

A crystals purpose is to amplify the energy you are putting out into the cosmics. In order for the crystal to work, YOU still have to DO the work. Set your intention each morning and connect with its energy. Try cleansing your crystals more often and put out the energy you wish to receive. Practice patience. The crystals will bring you what you need exactly when you need it, don't force anything. Learn how to become more open, shift your perspectives and start looking at thing through a positive mindset. Maybe what you are wanting to receive may show up in a much different way that is different than you expected. For example, to bring in wealth, you may set the intention of working hard and wanting a raise, however the universe may have bigger plans for you, maybe you will be presented with a new venture bigger then your wildest dreams. Be open, notice what signs the universe and your angels are showing you, be open and allow them to guide you.

Spoiler alert, usually "the work" isn’t always sparkles, unicorns & rainbows. Releasing energy blocks isn't always fun but you will be so grateful you showed up, you were accountable to yourself and put your self back into alignment.  No one else can do the work for you.  If you are having a bad day, sit and take time to connect deeply with your crystals; allow them to calm and centre you, acknowledge that this is what is coming up for you, learn a healthy way to deal with it (journaling is our favourite) and let it go. Move on, remember life is about 'Two steps forward, 1 step back." Once you learn to break through and release, you’ll receive a clear message on how to achieve your intention, it will come differently to each of us but when your message comes, you will just know intuitively.

How Do I Know Which Crystal Is In My Piece? 

Visit our Crystal Healing Powers section on our website to match up your gems and discover their healing potential.