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The Positive Impacts of Ethical Fashion

"Consumers' increasing concerns with environmental and social problems are the greatest cultural shift of the 21st century."

There is a growing movement for ethical fashion all over the world and undeniably, it’s making waves. From young social entrepreneurs coming up with eco-friendly accessories made by women who were once victims of abuse, to fashion designers who found a bigger calling beyond the usual for-profit, more and more influencers are born and transformed each day. We at World of INDAH feel this amazing ripple of inspiration and change-making. 

 It is both beautiful and empowering to think that amidst the ocean of choices, people are intending to house their bodies with something conscious, fair, and compassionate. Though there is still a lot to do to combat the adverse effects of fast fashion, every step to promote and uphold sustainable wear is worth honoring.

Here are some inspiring snippets about how ethical fashion is making waves around the world:

Local craftsmanship and culture are protected, preserved, and celebrated

(Rofil jewelry by Alima Community in the Philippines showcases indigenous weaving tradition and intuitive designs by Rofil Casipe)

Opportunities are created even in the peripheries

(Threads of Syria by Artisan & Fox and Tight-Knit Syria give livelihood opportunities to women makers in refugee camps.)


The planet becomes a priority



(Indosole in Indonesia repurposes indestructible tire interiors into durable and stylish footwear perfect for the free-spirited)


 Community collaboration is at the center of the equation

 (Buena Onda is a lifestyle brand that uses social enterprise to bring love, community and empowerment to the Wayuu People of Colombia)


The common view of poverty is challenged and changed


(Yanvalou Designs is a social enterprise that licenses original art from famous and emerging Haitian artists for their unique prints. The artists receive royalties and a global platform for exposure while Yanvalou works to develop a supply chain in Haiti.)

With these inspiring narratives of ethical fashion, we at World of INDAH are reminded that we can do so much more than we have imagined. As we make decisions in the way we wear clothes and express ourselves, let us take pride that as we do so, we are changing lives and creating a better world.

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