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In 2005, Coco Effendi embarked on a transformative journey by establishing Purnama Style Lounge, a unique beauty sanctuary on the Westcoast of Canada in a beautiful city called Kelowna.  Here, she fostered an environment where beauty artists could embrace authenticity and enhance the inner beauty of Purnama's clients. This venture ignited Coco's profound passion for design, leading her to craft her sustainable jewelry line under the brand The World Of INDAH. Globally admired, Coco's creations have found homes in well known retail spaces around the world.  Fueled by a lifelong fascination with crystals, Coco seamlessly merged her worlds of conscious beauty and sustainable design, transforming her dreams into reality. Each INDAH piece is a testament to her vision, radiating a unique energy that envelops the wearer in light, empowerment, and confidence. 

Nestled in a charming village in East Java, Indonesia, The World Of INDAH’s factory stands as a testament to the rich cultural heritage of the region. Immersed in centuries-old traditions, local artisans have honed their skills, passing down intricate craftsmanship through generations. Inspired by a rich tapestry of cultures, East Javanese jewelry seamlessly integrates Coco's vision, fusing indigenous aesthetics with Chinese, Egyptian, Indian, and Arabic influences. In close collaboration with skilled artisans, Coco intricately blends her creative vision with their expertise, yielding a distinctive and unique style of jewelry.  From opulent gold pieces adorned with precious gemstones to the finesse of silver filigree work, The World of INDAH’s craftsmanship has evolved into a distinctive and diverse art form. Beyond mere adornment, each piece holds significance, symbolizing social status, religious beliefs, and familial ties—a tangible link to the cultural heritage of this remarkable region.