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The Story Behind THE CHI Collection

The CHI Collection is inspired by pyramids and the Egyptian culture.  The powerful meaning the pyramid holds, they have the ability to channel and collect energy from the higher realms of the stars, the planets and the Universe then deliver it to planet earth.  Once I became aware, I began to notice they are everywhere around me, in building structures, in drawings & paintings, in shadows, in clouds..... almost everywhere I turn. I asked myself why is the pyramid so powerful?


The bottom of the pyramid has a solid foundation, with the pointed top reaching into the universe of consciousness. Any energy that enters the pyramid has the ability to be cleansed and purified. They create negative ions which can balance the body and deliver healing to the areas we need both physically and emotionally.


After participating in a strong mediation during a sound healing bath in the Pyramids Of Chi in Bali, I noticed it became much easier to receive messages from my intuition and angels. Your aura can also be recharged and can appear much brighter and crystals can also get super charged in a pyramid structure!  By channeling my inner Cleopatra, and with lots of research about Egypt my designs started to flow through me and The CHI Collection was born.


Thanks for being a part of the World of INDAH journey.


Peace, love & empowerment!




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