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In general, when people think of slowness, they instantly think of being lazy, weak, and uncompetitive. In a world where the narrative of busyness and burnout dominate, it is no surprise that slowness often gets a negative reputation.

For changemakers like Carlo Petrini, slowness holds a deep connection to land and life.  In 1986, he protested the opening of McDonald’s in Piazza di Spagna, Rome which sparked the slow food movement, and later, the Slow Movement around the world. This subculture advocates a cultural shift in slowing down life's pace and really focusing on what is truly vital. This movement has grown - being embraced by those who believe in the power of intentionality, ethical choices, and minimalism.

Fast food, fast fashion, and the entire idea of living fast may have brought us some conveniences but it has also led to destructive results. On a personal level, mindless consumption has impacted our health and wellness, changed the way we cultivate relationships, and how we spend our time. As a society, we have wounded the planet through excessive extraction and escalated social injustice through forced labor and poor working environments. Our overall culture of hurrying has led us to the most stressful lives. This is why there is a strong clamor to reclaim harmony and joy more than ever. 


At The Heart of Slowness

Prior to becoming a slow fashion advocate, I was part of the fast fashion problem, too. I purchased far more than I wore and donated most of it to overwhelmed second-hand shops. My old clothes undoubtedly ended up in a landfill. Since reforming from those shopaholic ways and embracing slow fashion, I have learned how to thoughtfully purchase curated pieces I will have for a lifetime. It taught me to truly appreciate the slow, intimate, and enduring process of creating and living a thoughtfully curated life.

Therefore, at World of INDAH we envision this ethos and the values passed on from one generation to the next. Our reverence for every moment in designing each of our pieces is innately inspired by these sustainable principles.


Considered Choices, Ethical Living

Do you feel like it is time to slow down and live a more considered lifestyle? Begin with slow fashion. Appreciating each and every piece in your wardrobe makes it a much more meaningful daily experience. Not only are they amazing connections to a more sustainable world, but also a more beautiful world.

Here are very important tips for making better changes happen:

  • Stick with thoughtful choices when purchasing a new piece of clothing.

Reconsider guide questions like: Do I need this? Will this piece of clothing last for a long time? Is this versatile enough so I can use it in diverse ways?

  • Research the brands you are buying and supporting.

In your research, find out if the clothing is ethically-sourced. It is always best to support brands that uplift others, and do not hurt the environment further. Trust me, it is worth your time and effort.

  • Advocate ethical fashion and choices.

Share your education with others. I've been so enriched by the community of fellow sustainable fashionistas out there. Reading, exchanging learnings, and supporting ethical brands is such a rewarding experience that continues to expand.


At World of INDAH, we make sure that your choices translate to your values. Let your curated fashion choices be a message of compassion and a daily reminder that you are doing good for the world.

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