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Upclose & Personal With Coco Effendi; The Creative Visionary & Designer Of The World Of INDAH

When was your "aha" moment that made you decide to start World of INDAH?

Coco: The World Of INDAH began when I opened up my first business Purnama Style Lounge. I knocked down the wall separating a old hair salon I used to work at & jewelry shop turning the space into a magical beauty sanctuary in the Okanagan Valley.

This is a place that allows each beauty artist to work as a self contractor & I encourage them to develop their own brand with the support of Purnama if they wish, this is a place where they can be their truest version of them selfs without judgment.

Before I officially opened the doors to the salon I flew to Bali to find the jewelry shop I discovered during my first visit on the island. I fell in Bali & I wanted to find a way to have roots there so I could continue to go back to a place I eventually found to become my second home.

I found the store right away, I have a horrible sense of direction normally but my energy pulled me back to this special jewelry shop. I asked if they would be willing to work with me and create my designs.

They were so happy to work with me and over a period of 9 trips to the Island Of The Gods I learned more and more about the entire process of how each piece was made from recycled metals from start to finish.

I even took a long 12 hour road trip in the middle of the night to the factory when there was no flights available during Ramadan. I went to the recycled metal factory, I spend many weeks in the village to meet the artisans & work closely with them to bring my designs to life.

I went to the gold plating factory to learn how this process was done. I love emersing myself into the culture and experiencing what goes on behind the scenes - even if it’s out of my comfort zone, I believe that’s when we grow the most.

When I launched my hair couture line at the Versace mansion the director of the mansio invited me back to design a collection inspired by Gianni Versace to display during Art Basel.

I would say this was the official ‘aha’ moment when I realised my designs were more then just jewelry, they were art of the Earth.

What's the most amazing experience you've had so far in running & managing this ethical fashion brand?

Coco: The most amazing experience I have had so far in running The World Of INDAH is meeting all the incredible souls during our campaign time. I met my soul sister and best friend during a collaborative shoot in Bali.

At the end of the day we were hanging out and we both looked at each other and said we are going to be friends for ever! We have stayed in to Inc over all these years and I truly consider her my sister.

I love how having an ethical fashion brand allows for me to connect with the local artisans, to models, photographers & my team who contributes in showcasing my designs around the world.

I have had the opportunity to work with many different eco friendly agencies who share the same concepts and align with our core values.

What is your guide in life right now, why?

Coco: My connection with Spirit and my intuition. The most we trust our intuition the simpler life becomes, there is a divine plan for each of us if we learn how to listen and follow our path even if it doesn’t make sense at first.

Our intuition will always guide us along our journey and of course with assistance from our angels and guides.


Which World Of INDAH piece is your favourite design? What is it? Why?

Coco: It is so hard to just choose one piece because my designs looks the most beautiful when multiple necklaces are layered & all my fingers are stacked with precious gems.

That being said if I had to chose one piece I would say The Horus Necklace. I feel a powerful protective energy with this piece & the mystic topaz really allows me to release my fears of not being heard.


What was your life like before World of INDAH?

Coco: I can’t hardly remember what my life was like before running The World Of INDAH and Purnama Style Lounge. Being an entrepreneur has allowed me to create the life of my dreams!

When I was younger I worked crazy long hours in the beauty industry as a hair artist & I felt like I was stuck in the 9-5 hamster wheel. I started out working as an apprentice to become a hair artist on an hourly basis, then grew into commission and eventually started renting my own chair.

As my beauty career evolved it led me into opening up my own salon in which The World Of INDAH was born. I have to say I work a lot more now then I ever have and it’s been intense learning so many different roles.

It can be exhausting at times but I have learned how to balance my energy & build a team who are like minded souls passionate about their roles at The World Of INDAH.

They all love to help me run my businesses because they become apart of my extended family & are always treated with love and respect .

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